Maths Curriculum

At Hasting Hill Academy, we use the new National Curriculum to deliver our maths curriculum. Learning is structured, robust and designed to ensure that concepts and strategies are embedded throughout the year to deepen learning and understanding. Children are encouraged to explore and investigate maths in order to enable them to have a thorough understanding of how maths is integrated into everyday life.

At Hasting Hill, we strive to ensure that children gain a sounding understanding of basic number skills. Every day, children develop these skills by using a range of proven strategies such as Fluent in 5 and Times Table Rock Star and fun weekly assessments called Big Maths, Beat That where children try to beat their own scores. These skills develop rapid recall of basic facts and tables knowledge. In addition, the Inspire maths programme has been implemented, building a solid understanding of maths using a CPA approach. This means that children learn using concrete structures such as dienes and Numicon before moving onto  pictorial then finally abstract methods. By following this methodology, children develop a secure understanding  which they build upon as they move through school.  Alongside the Inspire programme, children are carefully assessed and when and where misconceptions are identified, these are swiftly addressed using targeted intervention and 1 to 1 support.

Children are also taught the skills and knowledge associated with all other mathematical attainment targets. These skills are then developed and applied across all areas of the curriculum. Children are supported in their learning  by mathematically rich learning environments and a wide range of resources. These are used daily and children are able to select an appropriate method which underpins their learning. Alongside basic number skills, a clear calculation policy ensures that children understand methods of computation and formal methods are taught as soon as the children are ready.

Maths is promoted in all areas of the curriculum in order to develop and deepen real-life skills, preparing children for the next stage of their educational journey. These skills are developed not only in the classroom, but also in our maths-rich outdoor spaces, through cross-curricular activities such as cooking and art and also during specialised maths weeks and fund-raising  activities.

Hasting Hill also promote mathematical concepts and understanding with the wider community by offering opportunities for parents and carers to come into school to work with teachers in order to understand how the teaching and learning of maths may have changed from their own school-days. Maths workshops and skills sessions are held by staff in order to prepare parents for the rigors of the new curriculum.