Curriculum Medium Term Plans 2017-2018

Nursery: Nursery Curriculum Overview 2017-18

Reception: Reception Enquiry Curriculum 2017-18

Year 1:    Year 1 Enquiry Curriculum 2017-18                  Year 1 Science Curriculum 2017-18

Year 2:   Year 2 Enquiry Curriculum 2017-18                  Year 2 Science Curriculum 2017-18

Year 3/4: Years 3/4 Enquiry Curriculum 2017-18         Years 3/4 Science Curriculum 2017-18

Year 5/6: Years 5/6 Enquiry Curriculum 2017-18           Years 5/6 Science Curriculum 2017-18


R.E. is taught each week.  View our RE Curriculum overview:

R.E.  LTP EYFS         R.E. LTP KS1    Y3_4 RE Curriculum       Y5_6 RE Curriculum


Curriculum Drivers

The acquisition of numeracy and literacy skills is central to the curriculum as these are essential for academic success. They are developed through specific morning daily teaching sessions and then applied across the wider curriculum during the afternoon. Children learn through an enquiry topic approach where first-hand experience puts learning into context. This engages and motivates children and ensures that their learning is embedded. We have 3 key drivers that we believe are essential skills our children need. They are:

  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Childhood Experiences

All enquiry topics begin with a Hook into learning. You can see a copy of your child’s science and topic enquiry for the year ahead. All learning opportunities link to our key drivers.

Assessment for learning is at the heart of the curriculum. Teachers have the autonomy to teach what children need. Where it becomes clear that there are poor skills in a particular area, teachers are expected to rectify this quickly though whole class teaching or well-targeted interventions.

Further information about our curriculum can be obtained by contacting Mrs Jane Walton Head Teacher.