The information currently held by Ofsted in relation to Hasting Hill Academy can be found here.

“Standards are rising and the pace of improvement is quickening. The large majority of pupils are now making good progress. Long- standing underachievement is being tackled robustly with weaknesses in pupils’  literacy and numeracy skills being successfully addressed.

The effective use of pupil premium monies (funding which is providing additional resources for those pupils known to be eligible for free school meals) is resulting in these pupils making better progress in some year groups than other pupils. Carefully targeted support is helping lower ability pupils to successfully overcome difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics.

Changes to the way reading is taught are proving to be effective in promoting pupils’ enjoyment and raising standards. The use of phonics (the linking of letters and the sounds they represent) is well-grounded in the academy and this approach is being used confidently by pupils when tackling unfamiliar words.

Teaching is predominantly good because of the actions taken by academy leaders and the manner in which teachers have set about making improvements to their work.

Almost all lessons are characterised by a brisk pace, with regular changes of activity to keep pupils motivated and interested. Teachers are well prepared, giving pupils clear expectations of what they should learn. Teaching assistants provide good support to those pupils who need additional help to catch up. Teachers check regularly that pupils understand what is being taught and so have a detailed understanding of the respective needs of individual children. This is reflected in teachers’ planning so that activities are provided to meet the varying levels of ability in each class.

Pupils are given clear information about what they have done well and how they can improve. Crucially, there is evidence in pupils’ workbooks that they are being given opportunities to act on the teacher’s advice to correct their work.

Pupils consistently behave well and show very positive attitudes towards all aspects of school life. A strong work ethic is evident in all classes. Pupils try hard and cooperate together constructively on the tasks they are given.

Pupils know they are safe in school and point to convincing evidence which shows they are alert to danger, whatever the source.

Pupils speak confidently about how adults help to resolve difficulties. They say that bullying does not occur but do say that name calling, by a few pupils, causes upset.

Expectations of pupils’ capabilities are high and targets are challenging. Teachers’ classroom performance is now assessed directly in relation to the progress made by pupils.

There has been a seamless transition of leadership responsibilities to the new associate head teacher. She is ensuring that the progress already underway is being built on and sustained. Governors show a detailed understanding of the academy’s performance and are keenly aware of the progress being made.”

Section 8 Inspection Report, 9 May 2013.