We use the new national curriculum to deliver our reading curriculum.

Reading is given very high priority within school. All classes have their own inviting reading areas and children have many opportunities to read within the school day. All Key Stage 1 and 2 classes have daily, dedicated 20 minute reading sessions where all children complete purposeful reading activities. Guided reading takes place with groups during this time. The teacher assesses the reading of each child, asking appropriate questions linked to the seven reading assessment focuses and then uses APP records to build up a picture of each child’s reading. Children have the opportunity to have stories read to them each day. All Key Stage 2 classes have a class novel.

All children are encouraged to take books home to share. Foundation Stage is rich in quality books in all areas of learning. All Key Stage 1 books are banded so that children have an opportunity to choose books for themselves that are at the right level of difficulty. The main schemes used are Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star. Each child’s reading book level is carefully cross checked with their assessment stage and end of year expectations. The ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme is used in Key Stage 2 for home reading. This has a great motivational effect on children as it introduces an element of competition. Following an online quiz, children are given an appropriate book level. They can then choose a book of their interest which will be at an appropriate level of difficulty. Following completion of the book, an online comprehension quiz enables the child and teacher to assess understanding. All children keep a total word count for all books read during the year. This is linked to the school reward system.


Phonics is also taught for approximately 20 minutes each day in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 classes. It also extends into Key Stage 2 where children have not gained a sound phonological understanding. The school phonics programme follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document. It is vital that children do not have gaps in their understanding and for that reason a whole school phonics assessment is completed. This follows the children throughout school so that any gaps in their understanding can be targeted and rectified.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation

Spelling is taught for approximately 20 minutes each day in Key Stage 1 and 2 classes. The school follow the new national curriculum to deliver our spelling curriculum. Grammar and punctuation is taught through Literacy lessons.